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What we can do for you...
  • Insect doors and screens repaired

  • Locks fitted and serviced

  • Flywire and one-way mesh replacement

  • Rollers renewed in sliding doors

  • Self closers fitted

  • Locks and handles replaced

  • Track replacement

  • Wardrobe doors


In general, home doors that do not work correctly can be a real danger to the family. If a door does not shut correctly, small children can soon find a way through and be in places they are not meant to be.
Sticky front and back doors can feel locked when in fact they are not and a good tug will have them open in a few seconds.

Sliding doors with auto closers that give access to water (swiming pools and ponds) are the cause of so many tragedies in WA when overlooked. The cost of a few dollars to fix them is just plainly money well spent.

You may also have the added disadvantage of getting really annoyed when the door won't close properly or the lock starts to "get fiddly". My favorite dislike, is when the sliding glass door jumps off the track.
It weighs a ton and takes an age to get it back where it belongs! Take the stress out of it and get us to make sure you and your family are safe and sound in your home.

Why not give Graeme a call on 0423 144 569 and find out for yourself just how cost effective we can be.

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